Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes release window is on the cards


JRPG fans, the Tokyo Games Show is already delivering updates on plenty of much-hyped titles, but fans of the Eiyuden Chronicles might be especially interested in what Rabbit and Bear Studios has to say about its next chapter in the series taking influence from the classic Konami Suikoden series.

As part of the 505 presentations, a panel of Rabbit and Bear Studios talent revealed an Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes release window, along with some other exciting information, including the massive number of in-game characters and what to expect from the voice acting that the series is famous for. It’s clear from the gleeful faces of the team behind Eiuyuden that they can’t wait to share the next part of the story.

Not only is a new Eiyuden title arriving, but those who love this year’s Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising can pick up a fancy special edition of their beloved JRPG in the coming months. The collector’s version includes a CD full of incredible tracks from the main game, as well as some limited edition Eiyuden cards, and other goodies.

When is the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes release window?

Thanks to the Rabbit and Bear Studios segment at 505’s TGS showcase, we know that the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes release window is set for 2023. That’s all we do know so far though, so be sure to check back on this page for further updates.

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With that, you’re up to date on the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes release window. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, take a read of our Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review to see how we got on in a new magical world of adventure.

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