Clash of Clans bases – OnlyClans


Clash of Clans bases – OnlyClans

Clash of Clans is an absolute goliath of a mobile game, with millions of players over the many years since its initial 2012 launch. A tactical tower defence game where you must hold off hordes of enemy units, it’s all about defence, and your base is an important part of preserving your units. You need to defend your loot, trophies, and other resources. So get building, and stop your foes in their tracks.

Our Clash of Clans bases guide can help you grasp the basics you need to know, so you can survive as long as possible and reap revenge on those annoying foes. There’s always an onslaught of opponents in Clash of Clans, so a well-built base is the difference between victory and defeat. You’ll be grateful for our tips when you’re facing the next army of invaders.

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