Splatoon 3 codes – all the latest freebies


Splatoon 3 codes – all the latest freebies

Splatoon is good, like, really good. Splatting ink with your buddies is just a fun activity, fundamentally, and Splatoon 3 takes those fundamentals and makes them the best they’ve been to date. It also builds on that foundation, too, with a variety of different game modes and customisation options.

One of the other ways it expands the game is with the Splatoon 3 app, which you can download to do lots of fun stuff with the game while away from it. One such thing is redeeming Splatoon 3 codes to get a heap of awesome in-game customisables. Isn’t that nice of big ol’ Nintendo?

So, head below to find all the latest Splatoon 3 QR codes, how to redeem them, and all the other information you need to snag those freebies. Once you’re stocked up, head to our  Splatoon 3 review to see what we thought, our Splatoon 3 soundtrack feature to read all about the music, or our Splatoon 3 weapons guide if you want to do some pragmatic stuff.

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