New Disney Dreamlight Valley update squashes bugs to clean your valley


We absolutely adore Disney Dreamlight Valley, and have been playing it near constantly since its launch. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect though, as we’ve already seen some substatial Disney Dreamlight Valley crashes, and there are quite a few things we’d like to see implemented into the game in the near future – all those doors in the Dreamlight Castle can’t stay closed forever!

Luckily, Disney and Gameloft confirmed the first Disney Dreamlight Valley update today, promising a slew of fixes to existing issues that may have been making your experience a little less magical. If you’ve been having trouble with certain aspects of the game, such as getting Remmy’s gorgeous oven to work or farming for dream shards, today’s your lucky day. Below we’ve laid out all of the major changes with this update, so you can get back to farming in peace as soon as possible.

We’ve already got lots of great guides for Disney Dreamight Valley if you need some extra help, covering Disney Dreamlight Valley gems, Disney Dreamlight Valley critters, Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed, and Disney Dreamlight Valley realms.

Let’s dive into our rundown of the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley update

Disney Dreamlight Valley update: a screenshot from the game Disney Dreamlight Valley shows the character Ursula with a player character

Disney Dreamlight Valley update September 15, 2022

Multiple fixes for quest progression tied to unreachable, missing, and unrecognised items. These include fixes for a variety of NPC quests that have been reported.

  • Reduced Switch crashes
  • Fix for changing clothes
  • Fix for Ariel friendship dress
  • Fix for Remy friendship oven
  • Improved dream shard drop frequency
  • Fix for issue regarding storage chests disappearing from homes once expanded
  • Check fix for error seven. This will be a global fix for all players affected. That said, if you are currently running into this issue, you can get in touch with the Gameloft support team, and they may be able to fix it manually!

That’s all there is for today, but as and when more updates are added we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with all the latest fixes and changes. For even more great Disney Dreamlight Valley content, be sure to read our guide covering Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts.

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