Bear & Breakfast Switch review – paws for thought


Bear & Breakfast Switch review – paws for thought

I’ve been looking forward to Bear & Breakfast since I first caught a glimpse of it last year, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to hang out with Hank and friends. It saw a successful launch on other platforms back in July but, unfortunately, the Switch port was met with some delays. However, I’m happy to say that – like all good B&Bs – it was well worth sticking out the waitlist.

Bear & Breakfast is an extremely cosy, wholesome game, with an art style that oozes charm in its every detail, reminding me of much-loved early 2000s Cartoon Network shows. Naturally, Hank is beyond adorable, and even more so in motion, with his simplistic design and dry sense of humour. Equally as endearing are his companions and the acquaintances he meets along the way, from Took the trash-loving racoon, to Ipswitch the existential turkey.

At its core, Bear & Breakfast is a laid-back, simple management sim, easing you in gently before growing in complexity towards late-game. You play as the aforementioned Hank, a young bear who lives with a group of pals and his mama bear in the woods. After a series of catastrophic events tore through the surrounding wilderness, most humans have abandoned the area, leaving piles of junk (or valuables, if you ask Took) and derelict buildings everywhere.

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