Disney Dreamlight Valley gems


Mining Disney Dreamlight Valley gems is a lucrative business, and a quick and easy way to make cash. Certain gems are also required for specific missions, like the quest to get the friendship orb from the cave on Dazzle Beach. So heigh-ho, grab your trusty pickaxe because it’s off to work we go.

Though Disney Dreamlight Valley gems spawn somewhat at random, they’re localised to specific biomes and, lucky for you, we’ve listed them all here – along with the price they fetch when you sell them to Goofy’s stall. It’s always a good idea to tap away at any rock point you see when exploring, as the sooner you farm those little beauties, the quicker they respawn.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself with a thousand rubies, maybe more, and you’ll know exactly what to use them for – whether you’re gathering them to use as Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts, or selling them in order to save for your dream home through the Disney Dreamlight Valley house upgrade system.

Disney Dreamlight Valley gems

Below, we’ve listed all the different Disney Dreamlight Valley gems, along with where to find them, and how much they sell for at Goofy’s stall. But be careful when selling your entire haul – we recommend trying to hold onto at least one of each type in case you need them for a mission.

Disney Dreamlight Valley gems - a player stood by a rock point

Disney Dreamlight Valley gemWhere to find itSell price
AmethystForgotten Lands and Frosted Heights500 star coins
Shiny amethystForgotten Lands and Frosted Heights2k star coins
AquamarineDazzle Beach and Forest of Valor250 star coins
Shiny aquamarineDazzle Beach and Forest of Valor1k star coins
CitrineSunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust380 star coins
Shiny citrineSunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust1.5k star coins
DiamondForgotten Lands 600 star coins
Shiny diamondForgotten Lands 2.4k star coins
EmeraldForest of Valor and Glade of Trust325 star coins
Shiny emeraldForest of Valor and Glade of Trust1.3k star coins
GarnetPeaceful Meadow and the Plaza160 star coins
Shiny garnetPeaceful Meadow and the Plaza640 star coins
PeridotDazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow200 star coins
Shiny peridotDazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow800 star coins
TopazThe Plaza240 star coins
Shiny topazThe Plaza960 star coins
TourmalineFrosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau420 star coins
Shiny tourmaline Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau1.6k star coins

That’s it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley gems guide. For more help in this enchanting life sim, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking and Disney Dreamlight Valley realms guides – they’re sure to open a whole new world of opportunities for you.

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