Disney Dreamlight Valley critters and their favourite foods


Disney Dreamlight Valley is a truly magical experience, with plenty of human and anthropomorphised characters to befriend and invite to your very own enchanted kingdom. But the likes of Donald Duck and Goofy aren’t the only animals inhabiting this wonderful world – there are plenty of Disney Dreamlight Valley critters scuttering around, too.

From the bubbly bunnies to the sassy squirrels, the Disney Dreamlight Valley critters are undoubtedly adorable, and we’re sure every aspiring Disney prince, princess, and even the villains jumped with joy when they saw the ‘approach’ prompt next to one of these cuties. But in order to befriend these little guys and add them to your collection, you need to meet the bare necessities of memorising their favourite tasty treats – and that’s where we come in.

This handy guide lists every critter, where to find them, and their favourite snack, so you can have an army of furry, feathered, and scaly friends at your side in no time. Of course, if you want to befriend the inhabitants of the other Disney Dreamlight Valley realms, we also have a handy Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters

Here are all the Disney Dreamlight Valley critters, where to find them, and all their favourite foods.

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters - a screenshot of a player feeding a squirrel

Disney Dreamlight Valley squirrels

Location: the Plaza
Feeding behaviours: when hungry, squirrels run right up to you and wait for you to feed them
Likes: fruits and nuts
Favourite food: peanuts
Variants: classic, red, black, grey, and white

Disney Dreamlight Valley rabbits

Location: Peaceful Meadow
Feeding behaviours: when hungry, rabbits run away when you approach them, then bounce up and down a short distance away. Follow them three times, and they’ll let you feed them on the fourth stop.
Likes: vegetables
Favourite food: carrots
Variants: classic, calico, black, brown, white

Disney Dreamlight Valley crocodiles

Location: Glade of Trust
Feeding behaviours: these tricky critters like to scutter around a lot – likely looking for Captain Hook. However, when they’re hungry for something other than a watch or a hand, they stand still and look around at a safe distance away from you. As with the raccoons, approach when their heads are down, and stop when they’re looking around, until you’re close enough to offer them a snack.
Likes: shellfish
Favourite food: lobster
Sub-types: classic, red, blue, pink, white, gold

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters - a player posing and taking a selfie with a sea turtle

Disney Dreamlight Valley turtles

Location: Dazzle Beach
Feeding behaviours: when you approach a hungry sea turtle, it retreats into its shell. Wait for a moment until it pops its head back out, then approach to offer them food.
Likes: shellfish and seaweed
Favourite food: seaweed

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunbirds

Location: Sunlit Plateau
Feeding behaviours: these sweet little birbs flutter around a lot, which makes them a bit tricky to keep up with, but they don’t have any special behavioural patterns to learn – your only challenge is to get close enough to hit that ‘approach’ prompt.
Likes: flowers
Favourite food: when it comes to Sunbirds, their favourite food is based on their colour. Below, we’ve listed all the differentvariants along with which food they prefer.

  • Emerald sunbird – green passion lily
  • Golden sunbird – sunflower
  • Orchid sunbird – orange houseleek
  • Red sunbird – red bromeliad
  • Turquoise sunbird – pink houseleek

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters - a happy raccoon being fed


Location: Forest of Valor
Feeding behaviours: racoons usually zip around a lot, but when they’re hungry, they sit in one place and stare at you from afar. Approach them slowly while their heads are down, then stop and wait when they look up. After a while, they stop still, giving you the chance to make your move.
Likes: fruit
Favourite food: blueberries
Variants: classic, black, blue, red, white

Disney Dreamlight Valley foxes

Location: Frosted Heights
Feeding behaviours: when hungry, foxes run up to you and bark. Follow them around until they stop, giving you the opportunity to offer them something tasty.
Likes: fish
Favourite food: white sturgeon
Variants: classic, red, blue, black, white

Disney Dreamlight Valley ravens

Location: Forgotten Lands
Feeding behaviours: unknown
Likes: unknown
Favourite Food: unknown
Variants: classic, red, blue, brown, white

Disney Dreamlight Valley ravens are the only critters we don’t know much about at the moment. In fact, we’ve not even seen them spawn yet. Naturally, this means we’re not familiar with their feeding behaviours right now, and we also don’t know which snacks they prefer. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we find out!

Disney Dreamlight Valley critter companion equip screen

How do I equip a critter as a Disney Dreamlight Valley companion?

After you’ve fed a critter a couple of times, you earn their trust. Doing so allows you to equip them as a companion, and have them following you around everywhere you go. In order to equip them, all you need to do is go to your wardrobe and open the companion tab. From there, choose the animal you want at your side.

That’s it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley critters guide. If you’ve worked up an appetite running around after all these adorable animals, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille and Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites guides – no poison apples required.

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