What is the newest iPhone?


What is the newest iPhone?

Since the first-generation iPhone from the days of yore… okay, 2007… there’s been a brand-new iPhone handset released annually. As each year goes by though, new iterations of the iconic handsets have also been released such as the more affordable and less jazzy iPhone SE, or for bigger hands, the iPhone Pro Max, or for smaller hands, the iPhone 13 Mini. Yes, there’s been a lot of iPhones so far and the tech giant isn’t letting up any time soon. Next up – the iPhone 14.

So, what is the newest iPhone we hear you ask? With every new release, the rumour mill is rampant with speculation and leaks. There’s so much of it that it’s always important to sift through and figure out which of these rumours is a reality. And that’s why we’ve compiled all the best bits into this guide. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 14 line-up.

Before we jump into it, with any new iPhone it’s always fun to make sure you’ve got all the best applications running. So, why not check out our guide to the best iPhone games for 2022 as well as our guide on how to delete apps on your iPhone to make way for new ones.

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