iPhone update 16.0: what you get and what it can do


iPhone update 16.0: what you get and what it can do

If you’re an iPhone user, you should always ensure your iOS, the software that runs your device, is as up-to-date as possible. Not only does regularly updating your phone help to keep it secure with Apple’s latest safety enhancements, but there’s usually some cool new features to try out as part of the latest update, as Apple continues to attempt to make its iPhone the ultimate handheld device.

So, we’ve put together an iPhone update guide, laying out the simple steps you need to follow to be confident that you’re using the latest version of iOS. Not only that, but we point out all the iOS 16 update features, so you can try out all the improvements as soon as you install the latest version on your device.

For more help to get around your Apple hardware, we’ve got guides on how to scan with iPhone, how to delete apps on iPhone, how to delete albums on iPhone, and how to use an iPhone flashlight. Or, if you’re looking for something fun to get into once the update is complete, check out our picks for the best iPhone games.

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