how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley clay


There’s a lot of work to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which means you need to scavenge quite a large variety of materials, and we don’t just mean fruit, vegetables, and minerals. Though we suggest you do if you’re after some tasty meals. But you also need to consider items such as clay, which plays a surprisingly important role in the completion of various tasks and quests.

That’s why we have this Disney Dreamlight Valley clay guide, because if you don’t know where to find this item, a certain mermaid might never become part of your world. Here, we explain how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley and give our suggestions as to which biome you should unlock first to achieve this.

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Anywho, here’s how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A character digging for Disney Dreamlight Valley clay in a forest in front of a river

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley clay?

Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an item you can find in different biomes throughout the valley, and it’s vital to complete quests such as the mysterious wreck from Goofy, which then gives you the means to travel on the ocean around the valley.

Where can I find clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can find clay in these biomes:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • The Forgotten Lands

We suggest you unlock the Glade of Trust first, as this biome is the cheapest to access at a price of 5,000 dreamlight.

How do I get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

To get some Disney Dreamlight Valley clay, you need to use your shovel to dig around in one of the aforementioned biomes. It’s worth noting that you are unlikely to find clay every time, but given it’s not a rare material, it shouldn’t take you too long to have a substantial amount of clay.

There you have it, everything you need to know to find some Disney Dreamlight Valley clay. To stay up to date with what’s going on in the valley, swing by our Disney Dreamlight Valley events guide. Or, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley characters and Disney Dreamlight Valley realms content.

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