Cookie Run dev Devisisters unveils sweet mobile game Brixity


Devisisters, the company behind the hugely popular Cookie Run franchise is ready to unveil its upcoming mobile game Brixity. Yes, a new IP, this title has nothing to do with those sweet treats you’ve come to know and love, but the game still looks great, and it’s always great to see a developer broaden their horizons.

We don’t have a Brixity release date yet, but a first look at the game shows that it’s a city-builder. You get to create your own town through the use of brix, a powerful substance that has healing properties to help the Earth. Better still, if you have fantastic blueprints, you can even become a famous architect.

However, while robots do the majority of work, surviving members of humanity (known as pipos), can work hard to get a variety of jobs, such as a doctor, plumber, tooth fairy (yes, the tooth fairy is real), dinosaur (because, why not?), and even wizard, just like the boy that lives in a cupboard under the stairs.

Brixity release date speculation

For now, we don’t know when the Brixity release date is but will update this story as soon as new information arises.

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In the meantime, you can get some tasty treats from our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes list. We also have a guide to all the Cookie Run: Kingdom characters, just in case you want to know who the sweet biscuits are.

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