Ooblets gleamy – how to find gleamy and unusual ooblets


If you’re exploring the land of Oob then I have no doubt you’ve come across a plethora of those plentiful little vegetable creatures, otherwise known as Ooblets. Inspired by monster-collecting titles like Pokémon and Digimon, one of the main elements of Ooblets is finding and recruiting the little guys, and building up a team ready to take on the world in dance battles.

As you explore new areas, or return on different days, you may notice that sometimes an Ooblet is a different colour. Turns out Ooblets can have a common colour, an unusual colour, or very rarely you may have strike gold and come across an Ooblets gleamy. These sparkling spritely little blighters are surrounded by twinkling stars, and are a very different colour from how you’ll normally find them.

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Let’s get stuck into our guide to explain what an Ooblets gleamy is.

Ooblets gleamy

Ooblets gleamy: a screenshot from the game ooblets displays a small creature surrounded in sprakling stars, making it a gleamy ooblet

What is an Ooblets gleamy?

If you’ve ever encountered a shiny Pokémon (lucky you), then an Ooblet gleamy is a very similar thing. Each Ooblet comes in one of three colours; regular, uncommon, and gleamy. While regular and uncommon are simply palette swaps, a gleamy version gains a collection of sparkling stars that hover around them as they wander the world and even in battles. It adds a nice and dazzling little touch of class to the Ooblets, and they look fantastic with it.

Another thing to note about an Ooblets gleamy, is that when you scan the a gleamy in the Lernery, you are rewarded with 300 gummies instead of fifty. So as well as a nice addition to your farm and team, gleamies are a great money maker.

Ooblets gleamy: a screenshot from the game ooblets displays a small creature surrounded in sprakling stars, making it a gleamy ooblet

How do I find an Ooblets gleamy?

The best way to find a gleamy is to make sure you have a common or uncommon version of as many ooblets as possible. Then, each morning when you start a new day you are given a visual rundown of all the ooblets that will be populating the many different regions in Oob. If a gleamy version of an ooblet you already own is visiting, you will see it in this morning briefing.

Ooblets gleamy: a screenshot from the game ooblets displays a character talkign to another while rainbow coloured rain falls from the sky, known as gleamy rain

Alternatively, you might stumble across a gleamy version of an ooblet you haven’t spotted before. This just comes down to dumb luck, and if it does happen, hopefully you can craft or grow the items needed to battle that ooblet before the day is over. Additionally, occasionally on a rainy day you may notice that the raindrops don’t appear in their normal blue colour, but instead a collection of different colours from the rainbow. This is gleamy rain, and increases the chances of gleamy ooblets appearing. So, this is a great day to explore! It’s also worth noting that gleamy rain does not act like normal rain, so it won’t water your crops, and no rainplops will spawn.

Good luck catching those gleamy ooblets, hopefully, you have a team with eight of the sparkly little guys very soon. If you’re a huge fan of farming games, you should read our Disney Dreamlight Valley review to see why it could be your next relaxation obsession.

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