Ooblets froobtose – how to find, grow, and use froobtose


Cooking is a major part of Ooblets, as you need to make the right snacks to offer ooblets before they accept your challenge of a sweet dance battle. While some ooblets aren’t fussy, needing just a couple of berries or a cup of coffee, some are very picky and only want the most delicious and complicated recipes.

With our Ooblets froobtose guide, we’ll show you just how to make this important ingredient, which is used in a lot of the recipes on the sweeter end of the spectrum. It’s the game’s equivalent of sugar, so naturally an ingredient that important is going to go a long way. If you’re after some of the more wily ooblets, a lot of froobtose in your pocket is going to go a long way.

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Let’s dive into our Ooblets froobtose guide.

Ooblets froobtose

Ooblets froobtose: a screenshot from the game Ooblets shows a menu, detailing infomation about the item known as froobtose

What is Ooblets froobtose?

Froobtose is a resource in Ooblets that is essential for several recipes, acting almost like sugar to create desserts. The ooblet called Clickyclaws demands froobtose before you can dance battle it. You also need froobtose if you want to make any of the following recipes:

  • Quib tart
  • Flooti karioka
  • Caroot cake
  • Pibblepug pie
  • Blue goo pie
  • Zinooka cake
  • Spressy

Ooblets froobtose: a screenshot from the game Ooblets shows a character stood in a seed shop getting ready to buy som e

How do I make Ooblets froobtose?

To make froobtose you need to grow the vegetable known as the sweetiebeetie. You can buy Sweetiebeetie seeds from Meed’s Seeds for five gummies, or on sale for two gummies. They take three days to grow, and when you have some ready, place the sweetiebeetie into the device known as the crusher (available to craft in the left room or the store Manatwee). After popping the sweetiebeeties into the crusher with an ooblet to work the machine, give it some time, and you will finally have some froobtose.

Ooblets froobtose: a screenashot from the game ooblets shows a character suing a cruncher to create the item known as froobtose

That should be everything you need to know to get farming pals, so good luck on your chill adventures. If you want even more lovely ways to relax though, be sure to check out our guide to the best Switch casual games.

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