Ditch Duolingo with this Genshin Impact Sumeru pronunciation guide


Ditch Duolingo with this Genshin Impact Sumeru pronunciation guide

When exploring Genshin Impact’s gorgeously vibrant new region of Sumeru, you may come across some names and words that are unfamiliar to you. While the voice actors take a shot at their pronunciations, they’re not always on the money – and with many words not being referred to in the dubbing at all, it can be tricky for those of us who don’t speak Arabic to avoid mispronunciations.

Luckily, you don’t need to enrol at Sumeru Akademiya to educate yourself. A lovely fan who goes by @paintedaugust on Twitter has come up with a wonderful Genshin Impact Sumeru pronunciation guide, in which she goes through many of the new character, NPC, and location names. She breaks down each word in short, succinct voice clips, and also provides some lovely linguistic notes about specific names. @paintedaugust states that her intention is to inform and educate and that she plans on updating the thread as more Arabic content comes out.

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru is a great opportunity to inspire fans everywhere to explore and learn about a culture they may not be familiar with, whether through the game itself, other members of the community, or by sparking curiosity that leads to independent research. Correct pronunciation of words is an important part of learning about and showing respect for the culture they come from, and @paintedaugust’s thread makes grasping the linguistics far more accessible for all audiences. Paimon could certainly learn from this when visiting new locations!

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