Temtem type chart


Temtem type chart

If you know much about Temtem, then you know that much like Pokémon, the various types of monsters you can catch and collect all have their own strengths and weaknesses in battle. Unlike Pokémon, the difficulty of Temtem means you really need to know your super-effective and weak attacks before you find yourself on the sore end of a whooping from a dojo leader, or even worse, another online player.

So, we’ve put together this handy Temtem type chart guide, detailing all the available types and their effectiveness against each other. Some of these match-ups are very similar to Pokémon, such as the strength of water against fire, but there are enough changes to the formula to catch you off-guard if you don’t bone up on the Temtem types.

If you still haven’t found yourself in Crema’s magnificent monster-taming adventure, check out our Temtem review to see why we think it’s worthy of taking on Game Freak’s monolithic series. Or, if you’re looking for more monster-filled experiences, check out our picks for the best Digimon games and Pokémon games.

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