Temtem Switch review – a new monster-taming titan


Temtem Switch review – a new monster-taming titan

In the last few years, we’ve seen a saturation of monster-taming games on Nintendo Switch looking to take a piece of the Pokémon pie. I should know, I’ve played plenty of them, and while I’ve mostly had a good time, there’s always been that something missing, whether it be a bit of innovation or that touch of charm that the catch-’em-all series has always had in bundles.

Now Temtem is here, and things are a little different. Crema first announced the game back in 2018 via a Crowdfunding campaign that ended up raising almost ten times its original goal, the title has been a long-time in the making, with a Steam early access version of the game available for the last two years. The final result is something that should be celebrated as quite possibly the best monster-tamer I’ve ever played that isn’t out of Game Freak.

Before I get into my plaudits, and there‘s a long list of plaudits here, let me give you a little context for what to expect in Temtem’s archipelago islands in the sky. Crema’s game lifts the core of the Pokémon framework, with three starting monsters to decide between, wild creatures to capture and add to your party of six, and a wealth of in-game battles to put your team to the test.

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