Temtem starters – what are they, which to choose, and evolutions


Temtem starters –  what are they, which to choose, and evolutions

Following on from the tradition continued through all nine generations of main series Pokémon games, there are three Temtem starters to choose from in Crema’s monster tamer. It’s the biggest decision that you make through the game, and though you can pick up all three with a bit of smarts, it still matters which you opt for first.

So, we’ve put together this Temtem starters guide, laying out the details on the three main monsters, their evolutionary paths, and some other useful tidbits for your trainer adventure. Like we said earlier, you can pick up all three by the end of your journey, but whichever one you go for will have an impact on how you play the early game, and how you go about party composition.

For more trainer advice, be sure to see if there are any available freebies with our Temtem codes, or bone up on your battle awareness with our Temtem type chart. If you’re yet to jump into this new world of creatures and critters, check out our Temtem review to see if we can convince you to Temtem up.

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