Temtem codes – grab some freebies


Temtem codes – grab some freebies

If you want to be the best trainer there ever was in the vast world of Temtem’s Airborne Archipelago, you need as many powerful Temtem, useful items, and as much currency as you can get your hands on. However, it can be hard to figure out how to gather all these resources together in a new game, especially in the first few hours of your adventure.

So, we’ve put together this Temtem codes guide, listing all the freebies you can pick up to use during your monster-taming playthrough. Unlike the Pokémon series from which Temtem takes its primary influences, Crema’s creature collector has a secondary custom, nova, for cosmetic items for dressing up and decorating your house, so it’s worth picking up any free currency anytime you can.

If you’re yet to jump into the long-anticipated indie monster-tamer, check out our Temtem review to see why we think it’s worthy of taking on the best there ever was. Or, if you’re well into your new adventure, be sure to bookmark our Temtem type chart for any tricky trials you might find yourself in.

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