Ooblets clothlets – how to grow, find, and use clothlets


Ooblets clothlets – how to grow, find, and use clothlets

There’s something so satisfying about making and curating the massive farm of your dream in Ooblets, but if you want to go big, you’re going to need a lot of ooblets clothlets before you can actually get crafting. This essential item is actually pretty tough to find and grow, so you might be forgiven for running out of these, especially as your farm expansions start to grow in scale and scope.

Our ooblets clothlets guide is here to explain exactly how to find the things, how you can grow them, and some other sneaky tips for when you are running low. Like many items in Ooblets, clothlets hold a multitude of uses, so you’ll want to amass as large a pile of them as you can. Sadly nothing comes for free, so you’re going to need to put the work in, but with this guide, we can at least point you in the right direction and hopefully make things a little bit easier for you as you make the best farm you can for your adorable vegetable creature pals.

For even more useful tips to build the ultimate farm in Ooblets, check out our other guides on the vegetable collecting marvel. We’ve covered Ooblets beanjuice, Ooblets how to eat, Ooblets nurnies, and don’t miss out on our massive Ooblets review to find out exactly why we love hanging out on the idyllic island of Oob.

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