Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts


Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts

The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is stunning, though it’s not quite as majestic as it once was due to The Forgetting. Fortunately, you and your magic are on hand to fight it and restore the once peaceful valley to a place where its residents feel safe and happy again. However, this is a big task to achieve alone. You need some friends to help you.

Luckily, there are plenty of characters in the valley that are keen to help out, but to establish unbreakable bonds, you need to become their friend. One of the ways you can achieve this is through Disney Dreamlight Valley gifts. To help you out, we put this guide together to help you figure out what your new pals might like.

Oh, and to discover who you can become friends with, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley characters guide, then check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley events content to be in the know about the latest goings on. We also have a Disney Dreamlight Valley preview, just in case you want to learn even more about this incredible world.

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