Tower of Fantasy Pepper build


Tower of Fantasy Pepper build

Tower of Fantasy’s Pepper is far more sweet than she is spicy. This adorable little healer has a heart of gold, with her main goal being to help those around her and find a way to reverse the aberration afflicting her parents and so many people around Aesperia. She’s also a real bright spark, lending her aid to the Hykros medical department in order to further their research – what an angel.

If you want to get Tower of Fantasy’s Pepper on your team and make the most of her volt healing weapon, Staff of Scars, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we take a look at the best ToF Pepper build, all of her attacks and skills, how to ascend her, and more. Of course, this cutie deserves a treat now and then, too, so we’ve also included how to upgrade her and all of her favourite gifts.

For more help picking your ideal line-up, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list and Tower of Fantasy weapons guide. We’ve also got a bunch of other build guides for a heap of Simulacra, including Tower of Fantasy’s King, Tower of Fantasy’s Tsubasa, Tower of Fantasy’s Frigg, and more.

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