Who is Genshin Impact’s Mika?


Who is Genshin Impact’s Mika?

As soon as a new name shows up in Genshin Impact, you can guarantee that there will be a r/mains subreddit within a few hours, and a whole heap of leaks and speculation floating around to boot. That’s no different with a fresh, faceless character, Genshin Impact’s Mika, who’s currently brewing up a frosty storm among the community.

Of course, Hoyoverse is yet to confirm any real details on Genshin Impact’s Mika, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as they do. But, for now, we’ve gathered all the little crumbs of info we could find on this illusive new character, right here for your perusal. Just take these leaks with a grain of salt – they’re all subject to (and likely will) change in Mika’s full release.

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