The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list


The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list

If you want to make it anywhere in the popular zombie survival game based on AMC’s hit series, you’re going to need a The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list. If you’ve seen the show, you know most of these undead busters can pack a punch, but when it comes to playing as a character, there’s a big difference between nasty Negan, the might of Morgan, and sweet, sweet Carl (or Coral, for those that know him better).

So, we’ve put together this The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list to help you decide on which of the defenders against the army of the undead you think most suits your playstyle. If you’re not sure which that might be, we’ve got a section explaining those at the top of our TWD All-Star tier list to give you a little bit of context before you take to splattering skulls.

While here, you should stock up for the zombie apocalypse with our list of handy The Walking Dead All-Stars codes, offering plenty of in-game freebies. Or, if you want to test your skull-smashing abilities further afield, check out our picks for the best zombie games on Switch and find more brainless bodies to bash.

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