Hell Pie review – crass, sass, and a whole lot of ass


Hell Pie review – crass, sass, and a whole lot of ass

I like to consider myself to be a versatile gamer. Sure, RPGs and horror are my staples, but I love a range of genres, particularly those that play a part in why I fell in love with gaming, one of which happens to be platformers. I’m a 90s kid, you see, so the genre is a bit like my bread and butter, as it introduced little Kayleigh to a whole new world. However, they have a tendency to be a little bit childish by nature.

That isn’t a bad thing, I love Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Klonoa, and the rest, but sometimes I want a game that isn’t afraid to push some boundaries. Admittedly, there are plenty of titles that do this, but when I have a hankering for some platforming goodness, it’s slim pickings if I’m after a more adult sort of game. Though I do appreciate the innuendos in Crash 4, such as the level name Ship Happens – indeed it does, my friend. Indeed it does.

Anyway, a little game known as Hell Pie recently hit Nintendo Switch, and it’s admittedly a title I knew very little about up until last week when my pal and colleague Nathan mentioned it. Funnily enough, it’s a platformer about a little demon known as Nate. Is there a direct correlation between Hell Pie’s Nate and the Nate of Pocket Tactics? I don’t know, but both are snappy dressers with a penchant for bright shirts. The devil wears Prada, indeed.

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