Lost Light takes survival shooting on the go


Lost Light takes survival shooting on the go

Typically, survival shooters have been the domain of console and PC players, but NetEase Games is looking to change that with the launch of their new survival shooter MMO, Lost Light.

With the graphical advances mobile games have made in recent years, gamers can now enjoy console-quality experiences on the go. And Lost Light looks to be at the forefront of the mobile gaming scene, having already attracted more than four million players in its first beta and ranking among the top 30 free games on Google Play multiple times.

This upcoming title looks to tap into the appeal of games like The Division, but in a portable package. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players find themselves in City T, a bustling metropolis turned ghost town. As a member of the Firefly vanguard – a vigilante group tasked with restoring peace to the city – you’ll venture into the deadly exclusion zone and face other players in a chaotic survival shooter. Let’s take a closer look at what that will entail.

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