Anno: Mutationem Switch review – punktastic


Anno: Mutationem Switch review – punktastic

If there’s one type of world I love to explore yet don’t get to experience very often, it’s cyberpunk, so when the news came out that Anno: Mutationem is the way to Switch, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The game hit Steam earlier this year, and while I’m partial to a bit of PC gaming, it’s consoles that truly hold my heart. Thus, here I am to deliver my verdict on an action-adventure RPG that embraces both 2D and 3D gameplay.

Before I dive into the gameplay and mechanics, I just want to gush over how much charm the world of Anno: Mutationem has. From the second I hit the streets, it’s fair to say the world completely ensnared me, and while that’s undoubtedly due to the bustling cyberpunk city I’m in, it’s also down to a complimenting art style. The pixelation brings everything together in a nice bow.

Admittedly, the 3D world does take a bit to get used to due to not being able to traverse roads and streets that look accessible, but that’s a very minor inconvenience, especially after you get going and discover the joys of exploring the various cities you have access to. Speaking of which, there are a vast number of environments that beg for exploration. Be you in the lively city, some back streets, a cargo ship, in an underground facility – there’s much to do.

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