The best horse games for Switch and mobile – the mane attraction


The best horse games for Switch and mobile – the mane attraction

Whether you’re just looking to brush a magnificent mane, or want to build an equestrian empire, horse games are a great place to start. They’re probably the only way you can spend time with some fabulous fillies without having to empty your pockets, or volunteering to clear out the stables, and there’s no risk of a back-breaking kick if you stop paying attention for two seconds. 

So, we’ve put together a list of the best horse games on Switch and mobile, including simulations, racers, and everything in between. As you might expect, some of these games are aimed at younger audiences who might be looking to see what stable life is like, but we’ve made sure to include some more mature games too for those who know their Red Rum’s from their Secretariats. 

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