Sporcle European countries – putting the EU in eureka


Sporcle European countries – putting the EU in eureka

Looking for some Sporcle European countries quizzes? Of course. We love Europe, it’s a beautiful place full of culture, great food, great music, and normally at least a couple of English people on holiday causing a nuisance. There’s a lot to love about the place and because of that, there’s a lot to learn– unless you’re English that is. An Englishman is more likely to cure cancer than figure out how to say to please and thank you in French. Baguettes? The only pain we know is living in England.

Well in case you are curious to learn more, our Sporcle European countries guide is here to help you get to know more about lands of chorizo, peroni, and bratwurst. A little culture never hurt anyone, so stretch your brain and test your grey matter with a lovely little bit of stimuli in the form of some euro-centric tests.

Luckily if you need even more of the good show known as Quizzy Maguire (a pub quiz name, obviously) then check out our other great Sporcle guides covering Sporcle geography, Sporcle trivia, Sporcle US states, and Sporcle countries of the world.

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