Ooblets review – you absolute radlad


Ooblets review – you absolute radlad

There’s no shortage of farming titles at the moment, or ‘wholesome’ games chasing the chill vibes of titles like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing to deliver a cosy experience perfect for nestling up on a cold Sunday afternoon and wiling away a spare couple of hours. In fact, there just might be too many of those games releasing soon, as the previously niche genre has catapulted into the zeitgeist thanks to the success of the aforementioned titles and a few wildly successful Instagram accounts.

But like a good Apple product, sometimes you don’t need to do something completely new, you just need to collect the best features and present them all in one convenient package. Ooblets is the iPhone of farming sims. Not the first to the party, perhaps not even the best, but a slick package with all the features you’d want and presented beautifully.

Previously available on Steam in a beta version, Ooblets from developer and publisher Glumberland now sees the release of its major 1.0 update on PC, and its simultaneous release on other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can now collect little vegetable creatures anywhere, so just how well does this title hold up on Nintendo Switch? And what sets Ooblets apart for anyone looking to dive into a new cosy farming game, who are currently overwhelmed with choice.

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