Genshin makes a small impact on the Z Flip 3 outer screen


Genshin makes a small impact on the Z Flip 3 outer screen

We love the internet, you can discover all manner of things that you never knew were possible, and today, we stumbled upon a very cool, albeit impractical way to play Genshin Impact, courtesy of YouTuber Golden Reviewer. No, the fact that they may well be a pooch isn’t what makes this interesting.

Instead, it’s that they got Genshin Impact working on a Z Flip 3 outer screen. Yes, you read that right. While most people likely use the miniature display to check on the time or see if there are any notifications, Golden Reviewer decided to play a huge open-world RPG on it, with some impressive results, though there’s no denying it’s not the most practical way to play the game.

However, while it may cause you to strain your eyes, Golden Reviewer claims that Genshin Impact actually performs better in this manner. It’s likely due to the lower resolution that the screen provides, though there’s no denying that it looks a lot better on the main display.

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