Sporcle flags of the world – wave your flag


Sporcle flags of the world – wave your flag

We can never get enough quizzes, so we’re back with another ludicrously informative list to break down some of the very best Sporcle flags of the world quizzes we can find. Can you tell the difference between the flags of Italy and Ireland? Do you know how many stars are on the US flag? If you’re a nerd for those waving wonders, then dive into these great tests.

In our Sporcle flags of the world guide, we’ve hunted down the best of the bunch when it comes to those fabulous flags. There’s a real breadth of different quizzes here to test your knowledge and hopefully help you learn some things along the way. This batch is particularly tough, so we don’t recommend these unless you already have a decent grasp of your geography skills.

If you just can’t get enough of that quizzical stuff, we have more great guides covering different Sporcle quizzes, including our guides to Sporcle geography, Sporcle trivia, Sporcle US states, and the Sporcle countries of the world guide.

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