Mobile game Horizon Chase 2 release date offers Ridge Racer vibes


Mobile game Horizon Chase 2 release date offers Ridge Racer vibes

If you’re anything like me, there’s a large chunk of your gaming memory made up of chasing the sun in high-speed games like Ridge Racer, Daytona USA, or OutRun. Well, the good news is that arcade racing doesn’t have to be quarantined to the past, as Horizon Chase 2 is here to put you back behind the wheel, with the visual stimuli turned up beyond anything you could have imagined as a kid. 

It’s all just a short while away too, with the Horizon Chase 2 release date sneaking up like a second-place driver with a point to prove. This new sequel to the original Horizon Chase is seven years in the making and looks all the better for it from the trailer, with a selection of stunning raceways on display. Not that you can make out much of them at 200+kmh. 

With online options available in all game modes, there’s no shortage of ways to get competitive in Horizon Chase 2 if you find all those years of OutRun have made you a little too tough for AI opponents. There’s also new customisation features for those looking to stand out from their fellow speedsters by adding a little spice to their hot rod. You couldn’t do that in Daytona USA.

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