Happy Wheels unblocked and why you should avoid it


Happy Wheels unblocked and why you should avoid it

Despite being available to try out in multiple formats across a variety of different devices, people are still looking for a way to play Happy Wheels unblocked. So, we’ve gone out into the depths of the internet to find a way for you to play as your favourite helmet-wearing hero on a neverending escape from gruesome death wherever you are – and now we’re reporting back. 

That’s right, we’ve got the only Happy Wheels unblocked guide you need to get back behind the wheel for some physics-based mayhem. Just be aware, if it wasn’t clear already, that we do have a perfectly good Happy Wheels download guide you can check out instead, so there’s no real reason to look for unblocked versions. Plus, there’s always some element of risk in using the sort of sites that try and attract clicks with poor ports of the hilarious title. 

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