Tower of Fantasy Huma build


Tower of Fantasy Huma build

Aesperia can be a pretty scary place, with heaps of baddies always ready to sink an arrow into your butt or a poison fang in your neck. Luckily, Tower of Fantasy’s Huma is here to soak up some of that damage with her hefty, powerful shield – then dish out some damage of her own when she transforms that shield into a massive axe!

Impressive, right? Well, if you want to get Tower of Fantasy’s Huma on your side, then you’re in the right place. In this guide we take a look at her banner, best build, team comps, matrices, and more, as well as laying out all of the attacks and skills you can unleash with the help of her awesome Molten Shield V2 weapon.

To see how Huma ranks, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list and Tower of Fantasy weapons guides. We’ve also got build guides for a heap of other characters, including Tower of Fantasy’s Crow, Tower of Fantasy’s Zero, Tower of Fantasy’s Nemesis, and more. Or, for an extra couple of goodies to grab, head over to our list of all new Tower of Fantasy codes.

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