PlayStation acquires mobile game dev Savage Game Studios


PlayStation acquires mobile game dev Savage Game Studios

Acquisitions happen frequently in the videogame industry, and it’s fair to say that the appeal of mobile games studios is stronger than ever as the sector continues to go from strength to strength. Just look at the Take-Two Zynga deal, an agreement that’s worth $12.7 billion, though given the portfolio that the mobile games behemoth boasts, it’s hardly surprising.

However, it appears as though Sony is keen to step even further into the division if the PlayStation Savage Game Studios acquisition is anything to go by, at least. Yes, you read that right. PS evidently sees potential in the mobile games market, and is bringing in an experienced team to handle it.

Sure, there are some PlayStation mobile games, but they’ve seen little success, in all honesty. A shocking prospect, especially when you consider that the company’s mobile portfolio includes titles from the Uncharted and God of War franchises. You hear those names and automatically assume they’re a money-maker, but not on smart devices. Not yet, anyway.

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