Embrace your inner trickster in FFVIIFS season four


Embrace your inner trickster in FFVIIFS season four

It’s nearly time for season four in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Square Enix’s mobile battle royal title that pits only the bravest of players against each other. Of course, victory in this world is never a guarantee, and even when it’s in your sights, you just don’t know what tricks your opponents may have up their sleeves, but thanks to the new trailer, you can discover what weapons they are likely to use.

The Final Fantasy: First Soldier season four trailer shows off a new arena to do battle in, and it’s known as the Gold Saucer. Besides that, the clip demonstrates that you can still expect the same level of carnage as the previous three seasons, though the addition of the tornado skill looks to shake things up a bit.

Better still, for those of you that can appreciate a good sniper rifle, the Chimeric Vengeance is sure to help you execute your battle plans (and opponents). Or, if you prefer to fire a barrage of bullets, perhaps the new Gil Toss Machine Gun is more your speed.

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