A Handheld History: exclusive article reveal


A Handheld History: exclusive article reveal

Lost in Cult is on something of a hot streak, after four successful crowdfunding campaigns for its journal Lock-On, and with the fourth eschewing Kickstarter for its own service, gaming enthusiasts have three gorgeous premium gaming journals in their hands with a fourth due to arrive very soon. Not content with just producing Lock-On however, Lost In Cult is teaming up with Retro Dodo on a new and exciting project.

A Handheld History is a gorgeous coffee table book set to document everything from Game Boy to Steam Deck, with stunning artwork and interesting articles accompanying every handheld under the sun. It also had a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year and is now getting ready to head to print and be in the hands of eager gamers within the next month or so.

To celebrate the launch of A Handheld History, Lost in Cult and Retro Dodo have given us an exclusive look at one of the articles from the upcoming book, titled ‘Finding my community through the Vita’ by Georgina Young. You can also see the artwork set to accompany the piece, and if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy of this beautiful book, you still have time to enter our A Handheld History giveaway for a chance to win one of two copies of the upcoming release. Enter now!

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