Tamagotchi Smart – colours, cases, characters, and more


What could be better than a Tamagotchi in the palm of your hand? A Tamagotchi on your wrist, of course! Now you can proudly display your virtual pet as your parade the streets, or check in on your tiny Tama when you’re trying to tell the time, without ever feeling bad for putting the thing back in the depths of your pockets.

Launching back in 2021, the Tamagotchi Smart line was always the next sensible step in the slow evolution of Bandai Namco’s beloved virtual pets. As you would imagine, the Tamagotchi Smart watch is a step above the classic line of oval-shaped devices, improving on almost all elements of the now ageing Tamagotchi technology.

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Tamagotchi Smart colours and designs

While there’s a few funkier designs available in Eastern markets, over here in the West we’re a little more limited with our choice of Tamagotchi Smart colours, with the decision currently between either coral pink or mint blue palettes. As ever, there’s no difference between the two devices except for the colour, so you can feel confident picking up whichever you prefer. 

Tamagotchi Smart cases and screens

With the slightly higher price mark on Tamagotchi Smart compared to the other devices out of Bandai Namco, you’re going to want to take good care of your virtual pet both in-game on the streets. So, we’ve looked for all the best protective cases and screens to keep your fancy new watch in tip-top shape, and you can find them below. 

Tamagotchi Smart TamaSma cards

Unlike the Tamagotchi of old, Tamagotchi Smart devices can be updated with new characters, items, wallpapers, and more by using Tamasmart cards. You can purchase these themed memory cards separately to add a certain something to your virtual pets life, whether it’s the tasty goodness of the TamaSma sweet friends card, or the vivid colours of the TamaSma rainbow friends card. 

Tamagotchi Smart characters 

As is the norm for the series, the Tamagotchi Smart characters are split into male and female pets, with a 50% chance of hatching either a Puchiotchi (male) or a Puchikotchi (female). From there, there’s a few different evolutionary possibilities dependent on how you treat your virtual pet, and we’ve detailed them in the tables below. 

Tamagotchi Smart female characters 

NameStageHow to get 
ChamekotchiChildAchieve 50% fondness with Puchikotchi
KurumaritchiChildAchieve less than 50% fondness with Puchikotchi
Rabirachi TeenAchieve 80-100% fondness with Chamekotchi / Kurumaritch
SacktchiTeenAchieve 21-79% fondness with Chamekotchi / Kurumaritch
KyupitchiTeenAchieve 0-20% fondness with Chamekotchi / Kurumaritchi
MilktchiAdult0-1 care mistakes
PoptchiAdult2-3 care mistakes
GaogaltchiAdult4-5 care mistakes
AwamokotchiAdult6 care mistakes
TsyuopitchiAdult7+ care mistakes
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Tamagotchi Smart male characters 

NameGenderHow to get
MofuwatchiMale50% or more fondness with Puchiotchi
OmuchutchiMaleLess than 50% fondness with Puchiotchi
AchiatchiTeenAchieve 80-100% fondness with Mofuwatchi / Omuchutchi
GunchitchiTeenAchieve 21-79% fondness with Mofuwatchi / Omuchutchi
MokotsunotchiTeenAchieve 0-21% fondness with Mofuwatchi / Omuchutchi
MametchiAdult0-1 care mistakes
WeeptchiAdult2-3 care mistakes
KuchipatchiAdult4-5 care mistakes
WawatchiAdult6 care mistakes
KarapatchiAdult7+ care mistakes

There you have it, everything you could ever want to know about the Tamagotchi Smart. For more throwbacks to the nineties, be sure to check out our picks for the best retro games on Switch and mobile. 

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