Tamagotchi Hello Kitty – colours, cases, characters, and more


Here at Pocket Tactics, we love a high-profile collaboration, and it doesn’t get much higher profile than the Tamagotchi Hello Kitty crossover line. While the iconic line of Tamagotchi virtual pets has a few cute characters among its kooky roster, none are quite as adorable as Kitty White, the face of the Hello Kitty brand. 

So, we went looking for all things Tamagotchi Hello Kitty, from the colours and designs to the snazzy separately sold cases, making it easier for you to pick out your favourite feline virtual pet. We also checked out all the Tamagotchi Hello Kitty characters so you can perfect the path to your preferred virtual pet without putting a foot wrong. 

If instead, you’re looking for more variety when it comes to picking out a virtual pet, be sure to check out our articles listing all the Tamagotchi originals and all the Tamagotchi Pix models. Or, if you’re looking for a different kind of virtual pet, see our list of dog games that will leave you with your tail wagging.

Tamagotchi Hello Kitty colours and designs 

There are two different Hello Kitty Tamagotchi designs, with either the classic white with Hello Kitty bow, or the Hello Kitty’s favourite things in red. There’s no difference in the virtual pet that you get when starting a game between the two, so you can go ahead and pick the one that matches your style the most. 

Tamagotchi Hello Kitty cases 

What’s more Hello Kitty than a Tamagotchi Hello Kitty? Well, only a Tamagotchi Hello Kitty inside of it’s very own kitty case, that’s what. So if you can’t get enough of the little white cat, we’ve found some Hello Kitty Tamagotchi cases that will fit either your Tamagotchi Hello Kitty, or any other model of the classic virtual pet you might have. 

Tamagotchi Hello Kitty female characters 

CharacterGrowth StageObtaining
PichikutchiBaby50% chance of hatching from egg 
LovelitchiAdultPerfect care
MimitchiAdultMedium care
VioletchiAdultPoor care
MemetchiAdultAwful care

Promo art of the Tamagotchi Hello Kitty lines on a bright pink background

Tamagotchi Hello Kitty male characters

CharacterGrowth StageObtaining
PachikutchiBaby50% chance hatching from egg 
MametchiAdultAmazing care
PochitchiAdultDecent care
KuchipatchiAdultAwful care

With that, you know all there is to know about the Tamagotchi Hello Kitty starring the little white kitty-cat herself. For more fabulous felines, be sure to check out our favourite cat games on Switch and mobile for a pawsome time. 

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