So far, Splatoon 3 paints a multiplayer masterpiece by numbers


So far, Splatoon 3 paints a multiplayer masterpiece by numbers

Splatoon has many aspects that someone could consider their favourite. Multiplayer is there for casual and committed players, even if the unranked modes have been a little underserved in the past. The single-player slowly developed into something really special by the release of the Octo Expansion. And then there’s Salmon Run, the chaotic horde mode which has been good fun from the start.

So, what does Splatoon 3 offer beyond that? Well, there’s the multiplayer, which has been slightly tweaked, the singleplayer, which seems just as in-depth as the expansion, and Salmon Run, which has extra monsters and challenges to overcome. So, what’s actually new? Well, that’s not really a worthwhile question, as far as I can tell.

The foundationally rock-solid Splatoon series doesn’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, it just needs a bigger bath. And, from my short time with the game, that looks to be exactly what’s happening. More space for all these excellent elements to breathe, more space for all these different bits of the gameplay to better accommodate existing fans and maybe bring in new ones too. The baby’s all grown up now, time to give it the room it needs.

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