Fans don’t Gryffin-adore Hogwarts Legacy’s new trailer


Fans don’t Gryffin-adore Hogwarts Legacy’s new trailer

At Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live, witches and wizards worldwide finally got a glimpse at Hogwarts Legacy’s new trailer, and it’s fair to say that the trailer provides a much-needed boost following the game’s delay. However, despite the short clip offering some interesting tidbits, some fans can’t hide their disappointment.

Given a couple of us at PT are Harry Potter fans, we couldn’t help but Slytherin to Reddit to see the Hogwarts Legacy new trailer reactions. Some believe it’s a fantastic showcase of what’s to come next year, but others, as shown in this Reddit poll, think that while the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts trailer is good, they expected more. Then, there are some young witches and wizards who are completely disappointed, while a few more just don’t know what to think.

From our perspective, it’s interesting to know a bit more about the Dark Arts and how they possibly play a pivotal role in Hogwarts Legacy. In the trailer, you see some gothic locales, over the top of which students discuss the ethics of the Dark Arts. More specifically, they debate the use of spells such as Crucio.

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