The best mythical Pokémon – the mew, the myth, the legend


The best mythical Pokémon – the mew, the myth, the legend

We all know it, Mewtwo is cool. When you’re playing Pokémon Gold and Silver, yeah, of course you want to get your hands on Lugia and Ho-Oh, they’re on the box and they rule. But there’s something about mythical Pokémon, a sense of mystery, whispers on the playground, the rumours of secret ways to unlock them that make them interesting in their own way.

In this list of the best mythical Pokémon, we’re going to talk about the best of the mythical bunch, and break down exactly what we love about them. They can’t all make the cut sadly, especially as the number of mythical Pokémon Game Freak adds in each generation has jumped with each new entry. In any list of the best, tough choices have to be made, so please don’t send us angry emails if we missed your favourite.

For even more great Pokémon guides (and questionable picks) be sure to check out our guides covering the best starter Pokémon, monkey Pokémon, fish Pokémon, cat Pokémon, and dog Pokémon. What can we say, we just love Pokémon!

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