The best bird Pokémon – the best of the nests


The best bird Pokémon – the best of the nests

Is it a bird Pokémon? Is it a bat Pokémon? No that’s right, it’s a bird Pokémon, in fact, it’s a full list full of them. We’ve seen Pidoves, Pidgeys, and much more in our time scouring the skies of Hoenn, Kanto, and beyond, and like the expert birdwatchers we are, we’re here to report back on our findings of the finest of the flock. 

That’s right, you’re reading a list of the best bird Pokémon to grace the nests, nooks, and natural landmarks of the Pokémon world. We’ve plucked out all of our favourites, from legendary lords of the air to dime-a-dozen sand attackers, and everything in between to put together a comprehensive list of the most noteworthy, whether it be for their battle prowess or their role in our individual Pokémon journeys. 

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