Tamagotchi original – all the colours, how to evolve, and more


Tamagotchi original – all the colours, how to evolve, and more

Sometimes, the original is the best. This goes for Coca-Cola, Rock and Roll, and more so than anything else in my opinion, the Tamagotchi original. Remember? That little black and white baby you looked after, or failed to look after, in your sepia-tone visions of the past is back and ready to take up all your spare time. 

That’s right, more than 25 years after first appearing on toy store shelves, the Tamagotchi original has returned, with two different generations available on store shelves for you to pick up and take home. All you need to do is remember to feed it, and your Tamagotchi friend will be there for you forever (or at least as long as the batteries last). 

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