Crypto crashes into the Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat event


Crypto crashes into the Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat event

It’s time for the iconic code-cracker Crypto to join the roster of Apex Legends Mobile battling badasses with the latest event, Hyperbeat, available from today. Of course, an update to Apex Mobile doesn’t mean just a new character, as there are also new additions to King’s Canyon, more ranked rewards and higher rankings to achieve, and all the quality of life fixes we’ve come to expect.

If all that doesn’t get you excited for the Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat event, I don’t know what will. Better still, there’s no long wait attached to this new update, and if you’re reading this on or after August 23, then the update is live and you can add Crypto to your collection of legends. 

If you’re something of an Apex Legend yourself, it’s worth noting that the Crypto you know and love doesn’t function exactly like-for-like with their non-mobile counterpart. For a start, Crypto’s infamous drones are now automatically controlled, leaving you to concentrate on keeping yourself on the battlefield and taking down enemies.

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