How to delete TikTok accounts


How to delete TikTok accounts

So, you’re finally ready to stop watching TikTok. The need to follow the latest trends is over, maybe you’re concerned about your privacy or your safety, or maybe you’re just absolutely fed up with all the adverts. There are a lot of reasons that you might decide to delete this social media platform out of your life and luckily, we’ve got a guide on exactly how to delete your TikTok accounts right here.

TikTok has been subject to a meteoric rise in popularity since its official merger with in 2018. Boasting over two billion mobile downloads in 2020, there’s been TikTok fame, TikTok trends, and TikTok troubles. With fame comes criticism and the app has suffered from woes of censorship, inappropriate content, and moderation concerns. So, maybe you’re thinking it’s time to learn how to delete TikTok accounts.

There are a few simple steps to follow and you want to make sure that you’re deleting your TikTok account the right way. Whether you need a cooldown period and you just want to deactivate it, or you’re looking to rid your life of TikTok for good – either on the app or on the web – we’ve got you sorted.

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