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Tower of Fantasy’s Shiro may look cute with her sweet, cat-ear hoodie and her long, swishy tail, but this hyper-focused scientist only has one thing on her mind – the ocean. Unless you’re a marine biologist, building a friendship with her is no cruise, but her powerful weapon, Chakram of the Seas, certainly makes it worth the effort.

In our Tower of Fantasy Shiro build guide, we dive deep into the Chakram of the Seas’ attacks and skills, best matrices, team comps, banner, and more. We also dip our toes into the aquatic world of this super smart sealife fanatic with her voice actors, favourite gifts, and awakening rewards. So grab your snorkelling gear, it’s time to jump off the deep end.

If you need a little extra assistance in building your dream ToF team, check out our build guides for other Simulacra, including Tower of Fantasy’s Meryl, Tower of Fantasy’s Zero, Tower of Fantasy’s King, and more. We also have a Tower of Fantasy tier list to see how they rank, along with all new Tower of Fantasy codes full of awesome goodies.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro

Who is Tower of Fantasy’s Shiro?

Shiro is a laser-focused scientist with a deep, deep love of the deep, deep sea – in her own words, don’t approach or talk to her unless you like the ocean. In-fitting with her passion, she wields a weapon called the Chakram of the Seas, a key gear she personally altered on a desalination device to turn it into a defensive weapon that’s tough and resilient, just like her.

Shiro is an SSR Simulacra. Her Chakram of the Seas weapon offers high attack and utility, and deals devastating grievous damage.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro holding her chakram

What’s Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s banner?

Shiro is one of the SSR Simulacra always available on all weapon banners. This means you can pull her on the Weapons Galore banners using black or gold nucleus, or on the limited banner if you don’t pull the featured weapon.

To find out more about drop rates and currencies, as well as current, upcoming, and ongoing banners, check out our Tower of Fantasy banners guide.

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy Shiro build?

Shiro is a sub-DPS unit who lacks some of the attack of other SSR characters, but more than makes up for it with her great utility. She has good shatter value, allowing her to take down enemy shields, and her full bloom skill slows down enemies by 30%, allowing you and your teammates to set up strong combos and dominate your opponents.

When her chakrams inflict grievous damage, targets afflicted with the grievous debuff take 20% extra damage, so we recommend using Chakram of the Seas to inflict grievous and gain weapon charge. After this, you can switch to a high DPS weapon like Tower of Fantasy Samir’s Dual EM Stars or Tower of Fantasy King’s Scythe of the Crow to unleash a discharge attack and deal devastating damage.

What are Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s weapon stats?

Here, we’ve listed all the main stats for Shiro’s weapon, Chakram of the Seas. These are the weapon’s base stats before you level it up or equip it with any matrices.

The shatter ranking dictates how quickly Chakram of the Seas can break enemy shields, whereas the charge rate shows how quickly the weapon gains charge.

  • CS: 272
  • Shatter: 10.00 (A)
  • Charge: 6.00 (B)
  • Attack: 19
  • HP: 1165
  • Crit: 13
  • Type: Grievous – when your weapon is fully charged, your next attack inflicts damage equal to 137.00% of attack, making the target ‘grievous’ for seven seconds. Grievous targets take 20% extra damage

Tower of Fantasy Shiro in Crown Mines, standing with her hands on her hips

What are Tower of Fantasy Shiro attacks and skills?

Here are each of Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s skills and attacks. Note that this is based on Chakram of the Seas’ level one stats, which increase as you level up the weapon.

Normal attacks

Rapid throw (normal attack)

While on the ground, brandish the chakram to unleash five spinning attacks.

First attack: deal damage equal to 30.7% of attack +2

Second attack: deal damage equal to 23.8% of attack +1

Third attack: deal damage equal to 34% of attack +2

Fourth attack: deal damage equal to 30.7% of attack +2

Fifth attack: deal damage equal to 53.8% of attack +3 and knock the target back a short distance

Aerial discharge (aerial)While airborne or after jumping once, tap normal attack to unleash three spinning attacks in a row.
First attack: deal damage equal to 26.2% of attack +1
Second attack: deal damage equal to 29.2% of attack +2
Third attack: deal damage equal to 37.2% of attack +2
Scatter (hold attack) After the second normal attack, hold the attack button to activate scatter. Fire five penetrating chakrams forward, with each hit dealing 43.5% of attack + 2 damage, and inflicting minor knockback.
Air spin (aerial and hold attack)Tap and hold normal attack while airborne to trigger air spin. Unleash a powerful strike, dealing damage equal to 191.5% of attack +10 to the target and nearby enemies, and suspending them.
Sneak attack (hold attack)Approach the enemy from behind while crouching, then tap normal attack to use sneak attack, dealing damage equal to 427.5% of attack +23

Dodge attack

Waning moonTap normal attack during the short period after dodging to trigger waning moon. Toss a spinning chakram forward dealing damage equal to 132.9% of attack +7 to the target and inflicting a stun effect for 0.5 seconds. The chakram then splits into three and keeps travelling, dealing damage equal to 24.2% of attack +1 to targets along their path. Split chakrams bounce during full bloom.


Full bloomCreate a chakram domain with you at the centre for eight seconds. At the same time, enemies are pulled in, and their speed is reduced by 30% for eight seconds. Fire five chakrams that bounce between enemies, dealing damage equal to 24.2% of attack +1 to targets along their paths, bouncing up to five times. Split chakrams triggered by the dodge attack, waning moon, also bounce up to five times.45 seconds

Discharge skill

Spirit of the airWhen weapon charge is full or you trigger Phantasia, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder and unleashes Chakram of the Seas at a target. Striking a target causes an AoE stun for one second, plus one attack each against up to three units every second (each attack has a 10% chance of stunning the target for 1.5 seconds), dealing 41.4% times attack +2 damage for ten seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Shiro advancement

You can advance Tower of Fantasy weapons by using their corresponding fusion cores, which you get by collecting more than one copy of a character. After you get your first copy of Shiro and her Chakram of the Seas, you can purchase another copy through the Commissary’s weapon store for 120 black gold. Alternatively, you can get a duplicate of Shiro by pulling on the banner, but, of course, this is entirely up to RNG.

Advancing your weapons by spending fusion cores and gold unlocks special bonuses. Here are all of the bonuses you gain from unlocking each of Shiro’s advancement stars.

  • One star: increases all elemental shattering effects on, and damage dealt to, targets within full bloom’s range by 30%
  • Two stars: increases the weapon’s base attack growth by 16%
  • Three stars: increases shatter by 15% and resets weapon skill cooldowns when you shatter a target’s shield. Can only be triggered once every 30 seconds
  • Four stars: increases the weapon’s base HP growth by 32%
  • Five stars: attacking a grievous target extends the duration of grievous by an additional seven seconds (only takes effect once for the same effect)
  • Six stars: after using full bloom, you’re granted 100% crit chance for the next eight seconds

Tower of Fantasy Shiro three star skin splash art

What’s the best Tower of Fantasy Shiro matrix set?

As with all SR and SSR Simulacra, Shiro has her own matrix set designed around her kit, which is always the best choice if available. SSR Samir’s matrix set is also a good fit for Shiro, and you can mix and match two of each to gain the two-set bonuses.

Of course, both of these are SSR sets, meaning they can be tricky to get. If you’re looking for a more easily obtainable SR set, Sobek’s Swamp Shadow is a good option due to its increase in damage output. Or, for an R-rank option to tide you over until you get something better, you can go with Plunder, which increases damage dealt by physical weapons.

Here are the best Tower of Fantasy Shiro matrices. Check out our Tower of Fantasy matrices guide to find out more.

ToF matrix setRarityEffect
ShiroSSRTwo equipped: increases both damage and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%
Four equipped: upon entering battle, gain a 20%/25%/30%/35% damage boost for 35 seconds. Resets five seconds after exiting battle.
SamirSSRTwo equipped: increases your damage progressively by 1% upon hitting a target. Stack up to 10/13/16/20 times. Lasts 1.5 seconds
Four equipped: increase Dual EM Stars’ electrical explosion damage by 16%/22%/30%/40% of attack.
SobekSRThree equipped: increases damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to three stacks.
PlunderRThree equipped: increases damage dealt by physical weapons by 6%.

What are Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s upgrade materials?

If you want to upgrade Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s weapon, Chakram of the Seas, you need the following items. Check out our Tower of Fantasy map guide for more help finding them.

OneTen400Two rockcore
Two20800Two rockcore
Three301,200Three rockcore, three acidproof glaze I
Four 401,600Three rockcore, three acidproof glaze  I, three booster frame I
Five5020,000 Four rockcore, four acidproof glaze I, four booster frame I
Six6024,000 Six rockcore, six acidproof glaze I, six booster frame I

Tower of Fantasy Shiro stood in front of a mushroom with her hands on her hips

What are the best Tower of Fantasy Shiro team comps?

As mentioned in the best build section, Shiro excels in a sub-DPS utility role. Due to her great enabling skills that slow enemies and increase their damage taken, she makes a wonderful ally for Simulacra with already high DPS like Tower of Fantasy’s Samir or Tower of Fantasy’s King. In this line-up, the third slot should go to a healer like Tower of Fantasy Nemesis in order to offer self-sustain, or a shielder like Tower of Fantasy’s Zero so you can charge into battle and get those chakrams spinning without reservations.

Alternatively, in co-op game modes, you can use Shiro on a benediction team. Pair her with Cocoritter and either Zero or Nemesis in order to offer increased healing to your allies, and enable them with Shiro’s grievous and slow debuffs and strong shield breaking. You’re sure to be a true MVP among your pals with this lineup.

What are the best Tower of Fantasy Shiro gifts?

When looking for gifts for the aqua-adoring Shiro, remember that her favourite tags are metal items, saved, and rare items. We’ve listed all her favourite gifts below, along with their rarity, the number of awakening points they give, and where to get them from. Head over to our Tower of Fantasy gifts guide to find out more.

GiftRarityAwakening points givenHow to obtain
Warren fossilPurple80Special gift box
Silver cookware Purple80Special gift box
3D Hykros puzzlePurple60Special gift box
Banges specialtyPurple60Special gift box
Crown tokenPurple60Special gift box
Metal Alf figurinePurple60Special gift box
Smarty dollPurple60Special gift box
Snow globePurple60Special gift box
Void angel figurinePurple60Special gift box
Gen necklaceBlue30Fine gift box
Meteorite in a bottleBlue30Fine gift box
Tool setBlue30Fine gift box
DumbbellsGreen15Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges
Postcard of AidaGreen15Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges
Retro harmonicaGreen15Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges

Tower of Fantasy Shiro smiling

What are Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s awakening rewards?

Giving Shiro gifts earns you awakening points. When you hit certain awakening progress milestones, you also unlock recollection rewards. Here are all of Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s awakening rewards. Keep in mind that you can use a Simulacra’s unlocked trait without taking on their appearance by toggling the ‘use Simulacra trait’ switch underneath them on the Simulacra selection page.

Awakening pointsRecollection reward
200Shiro avatar
600Log: Passive Partnership
1,200Shiro: Security Alert trait – when Shiro uses a weapon skill or discharge skill, increases all kinds of attack by 10% and physical attack by an additional 7% for eight seconds. Cooldown is 16 seconds.
2,000Log: Waves of the Sea
3,000 Log: A Song of Secrets
4,000 Shiro: Red Alarm trait – when Shiro uses a weapon skill or discharge skill, increases all kinds of attack by 16% and physical attack by an additional 10% for eight seconds. Cooldown is 16 seconds.

Who is Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s voice actor?

Tower of Fantasy Shiro’s English voice actor is Kristen McGuire, who you may recognise from one of her many previous appearances, including Milim Nava from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, Attack on Titan’s Isabel Magnolia, Senko from The Helpful Fox Senko-San, and Hinano Kurahashi from Koro Sensei Quest!.

Shiro’s Japanese voice actor Ari Ozawa also has an extensive list of roles under her belt, including Genshin Impact’s Xiangling, Cookie Run Kingdom’s Princess Cookie, Rinne (or Sheba) from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Chiyo from Another Eden.

That’s it for our Tower of Fantasy Shiro build guide. For more exciting adventures, head over to our list of the best mobile RPGs or the best Switch RPGs.

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