Mobile Game of the Week: Jetpack Joyride 2


At, we happily sit between the world of business and consumer writing.

You can consider it ‘biz-sumer’ or ‘consum-ness’, if you like.

What that means in practice is that we write about the business of mobile games from the point of view of passion for mobile games.

We’re not dry number crunchers (quite moist, actually).

Neither are we clueless fans, who write articles from the seat of the pants, heart on sleeve etc…

Best of both

In our view, the best mobile games require business and pleasure in equal measure, which is why we maintain this weekly Game of the Week feature.

It’s where we’ll highlight the titles we consider the most significant, hopefully in a positive way, but perhaps sometimes in a cautionary way too.

You’ll enjoy or learn something from playing these games, maybe both.

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