The Pokémon Company celebrates a record fiscal year


The Pokémon Company has had another record fiscal year, according to Kantan Games’ Dr Serkan Toto.

The firm reported $1.6 billion in sales for fiscal year 2022, concluding on February 28. This represents an increase of 70.4 percent from the previous fiscal year.

The company’s operating profit increased by 115 per cent to $460 million, while its net profit totaled $320 million, up 123 per cent.

Upcoming console releases

The Pokémon Company is a private company, which means there are fewer transparency obligations for private businesses like them. However, in Japan, it is not uncommon for such businesses to have their financial information published by the government at yearly intervals.

The reason for this increase in The Pokémon Company’s financial data is considered in part to the company’s considerable console pipeline during 2021.

Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus were all released within the year. However, the company has not been forthcoming with how its mobile releases have performed, including Pokémon Unite, which also released in 2021.

The popularity of Pokémon is so considerable, other mobile games companies have taken to using them to advertise their games in a blatently infringing way. Rovio’s Claire Rozain details how in her weekly column, UA Eye.

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