Dodge, duck, dip – the best dodgeball games on Switch and mobile


While lacking the popularity of something like soccer, or NFL, dodgeball games are some of the most fun you can have pretending to be Vince Vaughn. Whether you want to send a supernova serve into an unsuspecting opponent, or if you see yourself as a diamond-handed catcher, there’s a little something for everyone when it comes to this unique sport. 

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best dodgeball games on Switch and mobile, so you can find something in which to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and yes, of course, dodge. Despite the niche status dodgeball has as a sport, there’s a surprisingly deep pool of games dedicated to the sport, with RPGs, arcade titles, and much more. 

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With that out of the way, let’s duck into our first pick on our list of the best dodgeball games on Switch and mobile. 

Best dodgeball games

Dodgeball Academia – Switch 

The sports RPG has become something of a breakaway genre in the last few years, thanks to titles like Golf Story or Punch Club, and Dodgeball Academia picks up the torch and runs with it. With a beautiful in-game world that looks like everything we wish a Pokémon world could achieve, nuanced gameplay that necessitates combos and smart play, and a plot that is surprisingly enthralling for a sports title, it’s probably the best game on this list, and is well-deserving of its high placement. 

Screenshots of mini games from Dodge the Ball 3D

Dodge the Ball 3D – mobile 

For plain old dodgeball fun, Dodge the Ball 3D is a simple package that delivers. With easy-to-learn mechanics, a no-frills approach to design that benefits the game, and some fun training minigames, for a free-to-play title, you can’t ask for much more. 

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure – Switch 

Narrative driven dodgeball games are something of a rare treat, which is what makes Stikbold even more enjoyable. This arcade-style dodgeball odyssey is full of cooky characters, wacky worlds, and questionable interpretations of the rules that lead to chaos on the court in the most fun way possible. It’s also one of the better co-op titles on this list, with a fun free-play mode, or the option to take on the grand adventure as a pair. 

Promo art for Dodgeball Duel with two in-game dodgers battling

Dodgeball Duel – mobile 

You know what’s more intense than regular dodgeball? One-on-one dodgeball, that’s what, and that’s exactly what you get in Dodgeball Duel, a free-to-play mobile title. With this game, speed is everything, and even the slightest misplacement of your character can see them blown into pieces by an opponent’s ball. What’s more, this title’s campaign mode offers up some genuine challenges, as well as a good amount of playtime, setting it apart from other mobile titles. 

Super Dodgeball Beats – Switch 

If you’re looking for a unique experience, the rhythm-infused Super Dodgeball Beats is a jam of a good time, giving the classic dodgeball formula an exciting spin. With a story mode that tops almost every other on this list, a cast of imaginatively designed characters, and rhythm mechanics that lend themselves to the game of dodgeball, it’s a game with a lot of groove, and you just need to find the tempo. 

Desktop Dodgeball – Switch

If you’ve read any of our sports lists before, you might recognise the Desktop series of games, which includes Desktop Dodgeball, a shrunk-down version of the school hall favourite. While the game is simplified a little to match the awkward movement of the tiny targets, this title is the epitome of cheap and cheerful, with a few hours of fun guaranteed for any potential dodger. 

There you have it, our picks for the best dodgeball games on Switch and mobile. Once you’ve taken your turn at dodging, why not relax from the threat of bouncing balls of fury with our picks for the best bowling games on Switch and mobile. 

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